Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bets On Oklahoma, Michigan State Pay Off To Open 2014 (PHOTOS)

The undefeated boxing champ who topped Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes in 2012 and Sports Illustrated’s earnings list in 2013 has opened 2014 with a pair of winning wagers on college football bowl games. The 36-year-old boxer regularly bets on college football and has made a habit of touting his winning tickets.

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Mayweather’s sweet Sugar Bowl payout came a day after he earned some green on Michigan State’s triumph over Stanford in the Rose Bowl.. 11 Oklahoma stunned No. will need to change his “Money” nickname in 2014.

As is always the case with Mayweather, the public can never be sure how many bets he has placed on any given game. 3 Alabama 45-31 in the Sugar Bowl, Mayweather tweeted a picture of his winning betting slip

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Elise Hawkins

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