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Asian handicap odds also aim to make the two choices available to bettors have as equal a chance of taking place as possible. Once you have done so, it becomes a relatively simple matter of using statistics to determine whether the team is likely to win given the handicap that has been provided or is likely to lose even given that handicap.

Traditional football betting odds are fairly straightforward. The Asian handicap bet, as its name suggests, originated in Asia, among the bookmakers of the East. Asian handicap odds betting eliminates the need to calculate the potential profit or loss based on the odds, and instead focuses the bettor’s attention more on the actual skills of the teams and players.

The term Asian bookie is in fact derived from a particular type of bet, known as the Asian handicap bet, which was a relatively recent development in the field of soccer betting. This is the sort of betting that most bettors are used to when it comes to football betting odds.. There is no draw option with an Asian bookie, and if a game ends in a draw, then the Asian bookie will return you the entirety of your bet.

While fixed odds betting may seem simpler and more straightforward than betting on Asian handicap odds, the truth is that Asian handicap odds offer bettors an easier bet. The Asian bookie allows bettors only two different options on which they can bet – one team wins or the other team wins. They involve three possible outcomes for each match – one team wins, the other team wins, or both teams draw. Most of the time, one team will be obviously weaker than the other team. Finally, betting with Asian handicap odds is simply more intriguing and exciting than betting with fixed odds, since the addition of the handicap makes it much more interesting than simply determining which team is the stronger team and betting on that team, subject to calculations on the odds given for a win by that team. These three outcomes are then each available as a particular bet, and if you bet on the outcome that eventually does happen, then you win. By giving the weaker team a handicap in terms of a goal advantage, the bookmaker is able to balance out the chances of either team being victorious.

Why Bet With An Asian Bookie

Asian handicap odds, however, take a slightly different approach to football betting odds. To the discerning bettor, the chances that they place a successful bet are therefore higher with Asian handicap odds.

Also, the provision of a handicap to the weaker immediately allows you to identify which team is the weaker team. The likelihood that the stronger team will win is therefore much higher
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About The Author

Author’s Bio: 

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Sandeep Srivastava is a renowned sports news specialist who has worked with many big widely used news portals

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Dubbed “Winter Warmer” as a reference to the reset drop in temperatures in the Philippines, the new Asia iGaming Social will be held at the posh and luxurious 71 Gramercy on Friday, February 28 in Makati City.

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Bayern’s game in Saudi Arabia also coincided with the uproar over the flogging in the country of activist and blogger Raif Badawi.

(Editing by John O’Brien)

“I find this behaviour shameful. There is no honour to have a friendly game in Riyadh when, so to speak, right next to the stadium the blogger Radawi is flogged 1,000 times and has his skin pulled off his back,” Mutlu told reporters.

Bayern, one of the richest clubs in the world, with a turnover of more than 500 million euros (383 million pounds), said the Saudi Arabia game was a sponsored event by one of its commercial partners while the Qatar trip offered perfect working conditions for the Bundesliga leaders.

“Even if Bayern does not determine the politics in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, its presence there legitimises it,” a Bayern member, signing under the Twitter handle @agitpopblog said in an open letter sent to club officials.

Bayern coach Pep Guardiola was also a vocal supporter of Qatar’s bid to land the 2022 World Cup.

The trip also caused consternation among some Bayern fans with one of them sharply criticising the club’s decision to train in the Gulf during the winter break.

“Sport has a strong voice but it does not use it at the points where it makes sense and can be helpful,” Social Democratic Party MP and head of the parliamentary committee on sport Dagmar Freitag told Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Tuesday.

“Footballers don’t have to be politicians but they should be aware of human rights conditions and could set examples.”

The Greens spokesman for sports politics issues, Oezcan Mutlu MP, said Bayern should never have played the game in Saudi Arabia.

Qatar, which will stage the 2022 World Cup, has been under scrutiny over widespread reports of human rights violations against migrant workers building stadiums for the tournament.

The German champions, a leading global soccer brand, spent just over a week at a training camp in Qatar earlier this month before playing a friendly against Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia on Saturday and returning to Germany a day later.

BERLIN Bayern Munich returned from a training camp in the Middle East to a barrage of criticism over a friendly played in Saudi Arabia, with some politicians and fans claiming the club had turned a blind eye to human rights violations.. Unnecessary

Migrants crossing Mexico to get to the U.S.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Supporters of independent candidate for provincial assembly Usman Ghani, take part in an election campaign rally in the Arabian sea in Karachi, Pakistan May 3, 2013.

Rick Rycroft/AP

This Week In Pictures; April 29, 2013

A woman dressed Heian period kimono writes Japanese poetry during the Kamo Kyokusui No En Ancient Festival at Jonan-gu shrine, April 29, 2013 in Kyoto, Japan. The event celebrates the ending of winter and is a revival of the ancient Celtic and Pagan festival of Beltane, the Gaelic name for the month of May. Jonan-gu shrine is famous for holding the ancient festival of Kyokusui-no Utage, which is held twice a year in spring and autumn.

Ron Johnson/Journal Star/AP

Wong Maye-E/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Beltane Fire Society performers celebrate the coming of summer by participating in the Beltane Fire Festival on Calton Hill April 30, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The festival was first organized in the mid 1980’s.

Rizwan Tabassum/AFP/Getty Images

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

The Anthony Gormley “Angel of the North” sculpture overlooks the match between Gateshead and Esh Winning, May 2, 2013 in Gateshead, England.

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

A boy feels his head after it was shaven during a ceremony before Buddha’s upcoming birthday, May 17 at the Jogye temple in Seoul, South Korea, May 3, 2013. Wong Maye-E/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima stand inside the Nieuwe Kerk or New Church in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for his inauguration, April 30, 2013. It’s the first time that a national assembly candidate has been killed in Pakistan’s elections.

Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images

This Week In Pictures; April 29, 2013

A woman weeps as she sits next to the coffin of a relative who died in a building that collapsed on April 24th in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 28, 2013. Vanguard opens at the Sydney Opera House April 30 for 20 performances. Ten children entered the temple to experience life with monks for 16 days leading up to Buddha’s birthday. have increasingly become targets of criminal gangs who kidnap them to obtain ransom money.

Eduardo Verdugo/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

The ancient Samaritan community attend the pilgrimage for the holy day of Passover at the religion’s holiest site on the top of Mount Gerizim near the West Bank town of Nablus, Palestine, April 30, 2013. Four newborn white tiger cubs made their first public appearance at the zoo. Hundreds of firefighters are battling wind and dry conditions as over 6000 acres have already been burned northwest of Los Angeles. The four cubs – one female and three males – were born 46 days ago.

Koji Sasahara/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

A worker holds a guide rope as the final piece of spire is hoisted to the roof of One World Trade Center, May 2, 2013 in New York. In addition to the 430 confirmed dead, police report another 149 people are still missing in what has become the worst disaster for Bangladesh’s $20 billion-a-year garment industry.

Robert F. Around a million people are expected to descend on the Dutch capital for a huge street party to celebrate the first new Dutch monarch in 33 years.

Peter Dejong/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Migrants ride on top of a northern bound train toward the US-Mexico border in Juchitan, southern Mexico, April 29, 2013. The piece will be attached to the spire at a later date, capping off the tower at 1,776 feet. They are descendants of Jews who were not deported when the Assyrians conquered Israel in the 8th century B.C.

Ahn Young-joon/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Fire firefighters set back fires to burn off dry brush to protect homes behind a hillsdie threatened by an out of control wildfire, May 2, 2013 in Newbury Park, California. Just moments before Fahima was to be placed in one of the dozens of unmarked graves dug for victims of Bangladesh’s garment building collapse, Farida was able to claim and leave with her sister-in-law’s body.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Horses are washed after their morning workouts at Churchill Downs, ahead of the Kentucky Derby, May 1, 2013, in Louisville, Ky.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

A 7-year-old white tiger sits with one of her cubs at Tobu Zoo in Miyashiro, near Tokyo, May 2, 2013. Thousands of garment factory workers paraded through the streets calling for safeguards to be put in place and for the owner of a building that collapsed last week in Bangladesh to be sentenced to death. FC Koeln and TSV 1860 Muenchen at RheinEnergieStadion, April 28, 2013 in Cologne, Germany. Parliament candidate Usman Ghani was shot dead along with his three-year-old son after praying in a mosque in Karachi, police said.

Ariel Schalit/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Trainer Rudy Rodriguez watches Kentucky Derby hopeful Vyjack get a bath after a workout at Churchill Downs, April 30, 2013, in Louisville, Ky.

Mark Lennihan/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

A child covers her nose as she walks away from a line of dead bodies where people go to identify their missing relatives in a make-shift morgue, May 2, 2013, in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh. Buddha was born approximately 2,557 years ago, and although the exact date is unknown, Buddha’s official birthday is celebrated on the full moon in May in South Korea, which is on May 17 this year.

Lars Baron/Bongarts/Getty Images

This Week In Pictures; April 29, 2013

A spectator watches a college baseball game between Bradley and Illinois State, April 28, 2013, at Peoria Chiefs Stadium in Peoria, Ill. A fire broke out late Sunday in the wreckage of the garment factory that collapsed last week in Bangladesh killing hundreds, with smoke pouring from the piles of shattered concrete and some of the rescue efforts forced to stop.

Charlie Riedel/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Protesters shout slogans calling for better working conditions for garment workers during a May Day rally, May 1, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

A South Korean Buddhist hangs colourful lanterns to celebrate the forthcoming birthday of Buddha at the Chogye temple on May 3, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. The festival, which orignated in 1,182, describes a party of people in Heian era (794-1192). A federal budget-related delay has pushed back the opening of many of the park’s seasonal facilities until May 17.

Wong Maye-E/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

The sun’s rays strike the rocky coast of Acadia National Park, in Maine, May 2, 2013.

Charlie Riedel/AP

This Week In Pictures; April 29, 2013

Dancers Brett Chenowyth, bottom, and Lana Jones from Australian Ballet perform “Dyad 1929″ in a dress rehearsal from a triple bill of works called Vanguard in Sydney, Australia, April 29, 2013. Acadia saw a 5 percent funding cut of it’s roughly $7.8 million budget on March 1. Bukaty/AP

This Week in Pictures: Top Photos From Around the Globe

Farida cries as she searches for her sister-in-law, Fahima, seen in photographs, May 1, 2-13 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Kevin Frayer/AP

This Week In Pictures; April 29, 2013

Stefan Maierhofer of Koeln challenges Moritz Volz of Muenchen during the Second Bundesliga match between 1. . The cut represented the National Park Services share of federal sequestration

This exclusive event, which has already sold out, will comprise a cocktail reception, three-course dinner and drinks, music, and comedy, as well as will offer the winner the chance to mingle with legendary Chelsea players such as Gianfranco Zola, Marcel Desailly, Roberto Di Matteo, Ruud Gullit, Gus Poyet, and Gianluca Vialli. ET. Entry is valid only via e-mail and limited to one entry per person or e-mail address. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Fox Networks Group, an operating unit of News Corporation, consists of the FOX Broadcasting Company, Fox Cable Networks, FOX Sports and Fox Networks Engineering & Operations (FNE&O). For more information, visit Fox Soccer Channel online at foxsoccer.com.

The promotion, which was formally announced January 6 during “Fox Football Friday” on Fox Soccer Channel, concludes on Monday, February 13, 2006 at 11:00 p.m. Fans can participate by sending an email to chelseafan@foxsoccer.com, including their full name, complete mailing address, telephone number, date of birth, and their answer to the golden question “Are you the biggest Chelsea fan in the U.S.?” in 250 words or less, including the reasons why they are the ultimate fan.

About Fox Soccer Channel

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. For a copy of the complete official rules, send an e-mail to chelseafan@foxsoccer.com. In addition to attending a pre-match lunch to be held at the Stamford Bridge Executive Club, the grand prize winner will also receive VIP tickets to Chelsea’s Centenary European Reunion celebration taking place on March 16 at the famous Victoria and Albert Museum.

The “Ultimate Chelsea Fan” sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, who are 18 years or older as of January 6, 2006.

The grand prize winner will be announced by Steven Cohen on February 24 during “Fox Football Friday” and will be awarded a trip for two to London that includes paid airfare, hotel accommodations at the Chelsea Village, ground transportation, and tickets to the Chelsea-Tottenham clash at Stamford Bridge on March 11. Fox Soccer Channel is affiliated with Fox Sports International, an international sports programming and production entity housed within Fox Networks Group. . 10, 2006– Winner to Score Trip to London for a Barclays EPL Match between Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur, Partake in Chelsea’s Centenary European Reunion Festivities

Capitalizing on the growing popularity of European soccer in the United States and in celebration of Barclays English Premier League (EPL) champion Chelsea FC’s 100-year anniversary, Fox Soccer Channel launched a consumer sweepstakes in search of the “Ultimate Chelsea Fan.” The sweepstakes will score one lucky winner a trip to London to attend the Barclaycard Premiership match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, as well as participate in Chelsea’s exclusive Centenary European Reunion event

This was the pre-decessor, 6 years previous, but another dramatic, fantastic comeback and victory for an English side to lift the Champions League trophy against all odds. Some will argue this comeback was better, or at least on par with the A.C. Mario Basler put Bayern Mnchen ahead from a free-kick after only 6 minutes, giving an early shock to Manchester United. Milan v Liverpool UEFA Champions League Final, which we highlighted earlier in the article. Unbelievably, two players who did not even start the game would change history in the 3 minutes added on for injury time, Teddy Sheringham, who replaced Jesper Blomqvist in the 67th minute, and Ole Gunnar Solskjr, who replaced Andrew Cole in the 81st minute. A shock which for the whole game looked unlikely to be overcome. That was it, dream comeback complete! Johansson could not believe his eyes at the final whistle, when he thought the losers(Man Utd) were dancing and the winners(Bayern Mnchen) were crying, having been unaware that a legendary football moment had occurred whilst he was walking down to pitch side with the Bayern colour-clad trophy. Both teams had chances to score in the game however, no-one else did for the rest of the 90 regulated minutes. On his way down, Teddy Sheringham scored an equalising goal in the 91st minute, and then in the 93rd, Ole Gunnar Solskjr amazingly finished a move that saw a cross hit Sheringham first before arriving right in front of body. When the clock struck 90 minutes, and the 3 minutes extra time were added, the Champions League trophy was already dressed in ribbons of Bayern Mnchen colours. The then UEFA President Lennart Johansson had made his way down to the tunnel, in preparation for the ceremony. The way that Manchester United won that night, has defined them as a club ever since, and they simply do not give up until the final whistle is blown.

Half-time score 0-1 Score after 90mins 0-1 Full-time (after 93mins) 2-1

Manchester United v FC Bayern Mnchen (Wednesday 26th May 1999)

As Director of the Human Neuroimaging Lab at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, Dr.

About EmSense

EmSense, the world leader in quantitative neurometrics, applies EEG and other bio-sensory measurements to understand consumers emotional and cognitive engagement with marketing stimuli, including advertising, packaging, media content, online marketing, and both the live store and virtual store shopping experiences. Montague has chosen to be part of the companys Science Advisory Board and we look forward to benefiting from his expertise and thought leadership in neuromarketing. in Biophysics from the University of Alabama at the Birmingham School of Medicine. EmSense is honored that Dr. EmSense is headquartered in San Francisco. The company has successfully tested more than 80,000 respondents across 25 countries. Montague is Professor in the Department of Physics at Virginia Tech, Director of the Computational Psychiatry Unit and Human Neuroimaging Lab at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and Professor in the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London. Montague directs basic research aimed at uncovering the biological underpinnings of decision-making in humans. He also received extensive Post-Doctorial training in theoretical and computational neuroscience at The Neurosciences Institute at Rockefeller University under the direction of Gerald Edelman, a Nobel-Prize winning researcher. P. The company has pioneered advancements in emotion tracking, cognitive neuroscience, analytics, eye tracking and market research, including its proprietary EmBand, the only wireless, scalable, non-gel, non-invasive EEG neuroscience technology. He also received further post-doctoral training at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in the Computational Neurobiology Lab directed by Dr. Montague is now one of eight prominent scientists that comprise the EmSense Science Advisory Board, which works actively with the firms research and development team to validate the science and market research aspects of its non-invasive, bio-sensory brain-measurement technology. Read Montague has joined its prestigious Science Advisory Board. Montague has served in various reviewer roles for the National Institutes of Mental Health, the National Institutes of Health and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Montague received a Ph.D.

In making the announcement, Keith Winter, president and chief executive officer of EmSense, said, Dr. EmSense works directly with marketers, and also partners with market research leaders including Dynamic Logic, Fifth Dimension, GfK North America, Millward Brown, Nurago, Perception Research Services, Red Dot Square and SymphonyIRI Group. His research utilizes computational neuroscience techniques to explain the brain processes involved in decision-making and the influence of various environmental factors.

Dr. Dr.

Photo Available Upon Request

. Montagues research on factors affecting decision making has made him an expert in the fields of Neuroeconomics and Neuromarketing.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EmSense Corporation, the global leader in quantitative neurometrics, today announced that Dr. Terry Sejnowski. His work in Computational Neuroscience has provided the first neuroimaging look at how the brain makes decisions while under the influence of different marketing messages. He has published more than 80 relevant papers in the field and authored a book on decision-making entitled Why Choose This Book? Dr. In addition, he has contributed to the MacArthur Foundation Law and Neuroscience Project. Dr. To learn more, visit http://www.emsense.com

The size of the deal is explained in its small print — a large chunk of the compensation is performance related, which means the club might not see it.

Lastly, the swathe of new deals signed by the biggest clubs this year show that despite the recession there has been no slackening of interest or decline in demand for football sponsorships.

BNET’s Global Football Sponsorship Deal League:

Bayern Munich: 25.5 million a year (through 2013) with Deutsche Telekom/T-HomeLiverpool: 20 million a year (81 million over four years) with Standard CharteredManchester United: 20 million a year (80 million over four years) with AonReal Madrid: 18.3 million a year (55 million over three years) with Bwin.comJuventus: 15 million a year (75 million over five years) with TamoilChelsea: 12.5 million a year (37.5 million over three years) with SamsungManchester City: 8m a year (24 million over three years) with Etihad Airways.Arsenal: 6.7 million a year (100 million over 15 years) with Emirates

2009 CBS Interactive Inc.. Those deals could easily be larger than lead sponsor/shirt logo deals that have previously been football’s advertising bread-and-butter.

Second, Bayern had been believed to be in talks with Audi for a 90 million deal. (News of the Audi bid was probably a negotiating tactic to put pressure on Deutsche Telekom — both Manchester and Liverpool floated putative competitor sponsors before signing with Aon and Standard Chartered, respectively.). That negotiation appears to have been set aside for T-Home.

Last Updated Nov 20, 2009 1:07 PM EST

Bayern Munich has landed the biggest lead sponsorship deal on the planet: 25.5 million (25 million, $37.3 million)a year from Deutsche Telekom, whose T-Home brand adorns the Bundesliga team’s shirts.

Coming Next: Naming rights contracts for major stadia such as Chelsea F.C.’s Stamford Bridge and Liverpool’s “new Anfield” stadium at Stanley Park. First, German teams have a much smaller international following than the giant brands of the English and Spanish leagues. The deal — which runs through 2013 — puts Bayern atop BNET’s Global Football Sponsorship Deal League (see below), vaulting Liverpool F.C., Manchester United and Real Madrid, who all cut new deals this year.

The Bayern pact is a surprise for two reasons. All Rights Reserved

Breaches of the orders can result in a sentence of up to six months in prison.


Footage captured by a bystander before Chelsea drew 1-1 with Paris Saint-Germain appeared to show a man being pushed back on to the platform amid chants of “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”.

The men will appear at Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court on March 25 “regarding a police application for football banning orders”, Scotland Yard said.

The commuter, identified only as 33-year-old Souleymane, said later he felt “truly wounded to the bottom of my heart”.

“For me, it’s a humiliation. I was humiliated in my country. They can last for between three and 10 years. They will compete for a place in the Champions League quarter-finals at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium tonight.

Football banning orders are issued by courts following a conviction for a football-related offence after a complaint by the Crown Prosecution Service or a local police force, the Home Office website says.

Five men involved in incidents on the Paris Metro ahead of a Chelsea match have been served with summonses, police have said.

In light of the incident, Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage to establish whether police could make an application for football banning orders.

He said: “We’re in 2015, aren’t we, and we’re in France. We’re in a civilised country and when you are in a civilised country there are certain things you can’t do.

Chelsea FC said previously it was “appalled” and apologised to the victim, while manager Jose Mourinho said he was “ashamed” of the fans involved.

. I was humiliated in front of my family, humiliated in front of my mother and father.”

chelsea fans

A Metropolitan Police statement said the summonses were served on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Controversy erupted last month when Chelsea fans were filmed singing racist chants and refusing to let a black man on a train ahead of a Champions League match against Paris St Germain.

The development comes on the day that the two teams meet in the return leg of the tie in London

I was the first to make mistakes; it’s not the players’ fault.”



Sting in the tail



Brilliant Bayern


Incredibly, Bayern’s 45 minute heroics were bettered by Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk, who raced into a 6-0 lead over BATE Borisov in Belarus at halftime to set a new Champions League record.

Shakhtar went on to win 7-0, Brazilian striker Luiz Adriano becoming only the second player to score five goals in a Champions League game, after Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

Those 15 goals across two matches helped bump Tuesday’s tally to 40 across the eight games, a new record for the continent’s most lucrative club competition.

News of Bayern’s triumph will have provided succor for Manchester City, who were stunned by a late CSKA Moscow equalizer in Group E’s other encounter, in Russia.

For the second time in a month its 18,600 capacity Arena Khimki was closed to fans after sanctions from European soccer’s governing body relating to incidents of racism.

A controversial late penalty from Bebars Natcho canceled out goals from Sergio Aguero and James Milner meaning the star-studded Premier League holders now face an uphill task to qualify from its group.

The match was played out in sub zero temperatures and in front of just a handful of spectators after UEFA decreed CSKA’s stadium must be closed to fans for its next three European games.

UEFA charged the club with racism for the third time in a year after troubled flared among its fans during CSKA’s defeat to AS Roma in September.

The first came almost a year ago, when City’s Ivorian midfielder Yaya Toure was subject to racist chanting from the stands.

Toure reacted furiously saying at some point UEFA had to ban a club “for a couple of years.” CSKA hit back, saying the incident had been “very exaggerated.”

There were no such flashpoints on Tuesday, given only a clutch of people were present to witness another poor European performance from City.

It had eased into a two-goal lead inside 38 first half minutes as it looked to register a first win in this season’s competition.

A ball over the top from David Silva put Edin Dzeko in on goal and he unselfishly squared for Argentina striker Aguero to tap into an empty net. Eden Hazard netted twice.

An 87th minute strike from Uruguay forward Edinson Cavani helped French champions Paris Saint-Germain to a 1-0 victory over Apoel Nicosia in Cyprus.

A goal in the dying seconds from Eric Choupo-Moting sealed a 4-3 success for German club Schalke in a epic encounter with Portuguese side Sporting Lisbon.

But there was better news for Portugal as Porto registered a 2-1 victory over Spanish outfit Athletic Bilbao, courtesy of Ricardo Quaresma’s winner.

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Football: Ronaldo’s 100M friends

Messi on the brink








Bayern Munich beats AS Roma 7-1 in the European Champions LeagueThe German champions raced into a five goal lead after just 36 minutesShakhtar go 6-0 up before the interval against BATE Borisov in BelarusA total of 40 goals scored across eight matches setting a new recordFollow us at @WorldSportCNN and like us on Facebook

>>. We have nine more points to play and I am confident we will qualify.”

Elsewhere, Lionel Messi moved within two goals of Raul’s all-time Champions League scoring record with Barcelona’s second goal in its 3-1 win over Dutch side Ajax.

Neyamr scored the opening goal before the Argentina struck his 69th Champions League goal, Sandro Ramrez adding a late third.

English Premier League leaders Chelsea thrashed NK Maribor of Slovenia 6-0 at Stamford Bridge, Didier Droga scoring his first goal for the club since rejoining prior to the start of the season. We let them play and they’re too good for that. Super Mario?


Aguero strike



A new Roman Empire?


Roma rout


Shakhtar’s six-shooters


(CNN) — The message will have been heard loud and clear across Europe.

Bayern Munich, themselves on the end of a thrashing in the European Champions League semifinals last year, dished out one of its own on Tuesday.

The German champions, led by former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, raced into a five-goal lead over Italian side AS Roma in their group stages clash, with just 36 minutes on the clock.

It was a devastating display of attacking football that left the thousands of fervent fans gathered in Rome’s Olympic Stadium shell shocked.

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Except, of course, for those 5,000 supporters who had made the trip from Germany.

Guardiola is aiming for a hat-trick of Champions League triumphs after securing two during his four-year spell at the Spanish giants.

And if it carries on like this, Bayern will prove a tough nut to crack in the competition’s latter stages.

The rout began on eight minutes, Dutch international Arjen Robben cutting inside former Chelsea defender Ashley Cole to bend a shot into the far corner.

Mario Gotze, whose winning goal sealed a World Cup triumph for Germany in Brazil, made it two after swapping passes with international teammate Thomas Muller.

Poland striker Robert Lewandowski made it 3-0 with a fine header from Juan Bernat’s cross before Robben grabbed another, similar to his opener.

When Kostas Manolas was adjudged to have handled inside his own area, Muller stroked home the penalty to make it 5-0 in front of a stunned stadium.

Things did improve for Roma in the second half as Ivory Coast midfielder Gervinho got them on the scoresheet with a close range header, but it was only a brief respite.

Substitute Franck Ribery made it six, clipping the ball into the net after a precise through ball from Robben, before another sub — Xherdan Shaqiri — made it seven from close range.

It brought back painful memories for Roma of another seven-goal mauling, when it lost by the same scoreline to English side Manchester United back in 2007.

Bayern’s third win from three outings saw it take firm control of Group E, with Roma second on four points.

Roma boss Rudy Garcia said: “We collapsed tactically and in terms of our aggressiveness. Less than 10 minutes later, Aguero’s shot from inside the box fell perfectly for England international Milner to slide in and convert.

But as the match wore on City retreated, and after Ivory Coast international Seydou Doumbia had polished off a Ahmed Musa cross, he enticed Aleksandar Kolarov into a clumsy tackle, allowing Natcho to tuck home the penalty.

When asked how City had let its lead slip, manager Manuel Pellegrini told Sky Sports: “Because football is 95 minutes, we have scored two goals and had clear chances to score more but we didn’t.

“I don’t want to talk about the referee

2013 champions Bayern Munich will travel to two-time winners FC Porto, while Juventus will meet AS Monaco in the remaining quarterfinal.

“Bayern were one of the least desirable opponents, but nothing is impossible,” former Porto goalkeeper Vitor Baia also told UEFA.com.

“They’re a side who know how to compete, they let in few goals, are good from dead balls and get the best out of each situation.”

PSG and Barca are two sides that are also getting accustomed to playing one another.

“Last time we came across Bayern [in the 1987 European Cup final], we also weren’t favorites, but we won. Real won 4-1 after extra-time on that occasion, but only after Sergio Ramos leveled the scores when scoring three minutes into injury time.

They meet for the third time in the tournament this season, having already faced one another in the group stage — with the French side winning 3-2 at home but losing 3-1 in the Camp Nou.

“Atletico are a competitive side and we have faced each other a lot this season and know each other well,” Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations at Real Madrid, told UEFA.com.

The other ties see Paris Saint-Germain, who knocked out Chelsea, host four-time champions Barcelona.

However, Atletico have already won four times this season against Real.

The quarterfinal ties are to be played on April 14-15 and 21-22, with the final taking place in Berlin on Saturday June 6.

Atletico have won four and drawn twice, thumping their bitter rivals 4-0 the last time they met. On a perfect day with a perfect game, anything can happen.”

When Juventus and Monaco last met, their Champions League semifinal clash in 1997-98 produced ten goals, with the Italians winning 6-4 on aggregate.

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“Juventus are among the biggest sides.

Real and Atletico have met on six occasions this season, with the 10-time European champions failing to win a single game against Diego Simeone’s side.

Porto’s clash with five-time champions Bayern is a repeat of the 1987 European Cup final, which the Portuguese side won despite trailing with just over ten minutes left. They are the favorites,” Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim told European governing body UEFA, before adding: “We’re lucky to have the second leg at home.”

The open draw, meaning that clubs from the same country could be drawn against each other, took place at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland

4, 2011. Squibb ate 255 chicken wings in the allotted time to win the 19th annual Wing Bowl eating contest, beating out five-time champ Simmons by a single wing.

Credit: AP Photo/Yves Logghe

A journalist speaks on a mobile phone at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Japan’s main sumo venue, in Tokyo, Friday, Feb.

Iranian women perform Friday prayers in Tehran, Iran, Friday, Feb. 4, 2011. Japan’s latest sumo scandal widened Thursday as two wrestlers and a coach admitted fixing bouts, broadcasters pulled their support from telecasts and the nation’s prime minister accused the ancient sport of betraying the public’s trust. 4, 2011.

Credit: AP Photo/Wally Santan

An Egyptian soldier sleeps inside an armored personnel carrier in Tahrir or Liberation Square, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Feb. The university’s Biology Department investigates on tropical amphibians of which Colombia boasts a great variety. 4, 2011. EU leaders meet for a one-day summit on Friday, with energy, the eurozone debt crisis and unrest in Egypt set to dominate the agenda. 4, 2011.

Credit: AP Photo/Juan Karita

Dortmund’s Nuri Sahin of Turkey jumps for the ball during the German first division Bundesliga soccer match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke 04 in Dortmund, Germany, Friday evening, Feb.

Credit: AP Photo/Vahid Salem

A close up of the eye of a Phyllomedusa Venusta frog that is kept inside a glass box at a laboratory of Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia, Friday, Feb.

Credit: AP Photo/William Fernando Martinez

Jon “Super” Squibb, right, and Bill “El Wingador” Simmons embrace after Squibb was declared the winner of the Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, Friday, Feb. 4, 2011. 4, 2011. The most famous derby in German football ended 0-0. 4, 2011.

Credit: AP Photo/Martin Meissner

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right, speaks with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, left, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy during a round table meeting at an EU summit in Brussels, Friday, Feb. The Egyptian military guarded thousands of protesters pouring into Cairo’s main square on Friday in an attempt to drive out President Hosni Mubarak after a week and half of pro-democracy demonstrations.

Credit: AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill

An anti-government protester straddles atop a lamppost as he waves Egyptian flags at the continuing demonstration in Tahrir square in downtown Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Feb.

Credit: AP Photo/Matt Rourke

A model displays fashion pieces by Taiwanese designer Fu Tzu-ching and artist Ling Ko as part of celebrations of the Chinese lunar new year in Taipei, Taiwan, Friday, Feb. Tens of thousands packed central Cairo Friday, waving flags and singing the national anthem, emboldened in their campaign to oust President Hosni Mubarak after they repelled pro-regime attackers in two days of bloody street battles.

Credit: AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye

. 4, 2011.

Credit: AP Photo/Ben Curtis

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales wears flowers, a hat and a poncho, given to him as gifts, during a meeting with an indigenous community at the government palace in La Paz, Bolivia, Friday Feb. 4, 2011

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